Tesla Semi News

  1. Tesla Semi pays a visit to Giga Texas ahead of Cyber Rodeo event 2022/04/04 Teslarati
  2. Former Tesla Semi program head joins automation firm founded by Model 3 production engineer 2022/03/16 Teslarati
  3. Diesel giant Cummins makes $3.7B bet on an electric truck future with players like the Tesla Semi 2022/02/23 Teslarati
  4. What's the latest news surrounding the much-anticipated Tesla Semi? Many Tesla-watchers were disappointed that the company had little to… 2022/02/16 Evannex
  5. Tesla Semi Megachargers are very sleek–and surprisingly massive 2022/01/17 Teslarati
  6. First 15 Tesla Semi units to be delivered to PepsiCo by end of January: report 2022/01/07 Teslarati
  7. Tesla Semi pair spotted near Giga Nevada, and one is showing off its frunk 2022/01/06 Teslarati
  8. What are the latest developments with the Tesla Semi? Tesla has been moving slowly towards its class-8 electric Semi… 2021/12/31 Evannex
  9. Tesla Semi order announced by sustainable foodservice product company 2021/12/21 Teslarati
  10. Tesla Semi burns rubber and shows off turning circle in new Giga Nevada sighting 2021/12/13 Teslarati
  11. Two Tesla Semi Megachargers are now live at Giga Nevada: report 2021/12/03 Teslarati
  12. PepsiCo. receives permit for Tesla Semi Megacharger installation 2021/11/23 Teslarati
  13. Tesla Semi new prototype is working alongside Giga Nevada’s regular fleet 2021/11/16 Teslarati
  14. Tesla Semi spotted charging at newly installed Giga Nevada Megacharger 2021/11/15 Teslarati
  15. First Tesla Semi deliveries to PepsiCo are starting this Q4: CEO 2021/11/08 Teslarati
  16. Nikola lawsuit vs. Tesla Semi given new life after judge’s ruling 2021/10/19 Teslarati
  17. Tesla Semi Megacharger site reportedly under construction at Giga Nevada 2021/10/13 Teslarati
  18. Tesla Semi payload estimates suggest critics underestimated battery tech advancements 2021/08/10 Teslarati
  19. Tesla Semi’s fast-charging system could be wireless 2021/08/07 Teslarati
  20. The Tesla Semi is finally nearing production: report 2021/07/20 Teslarati
  21. Electric trucks like the Tesla Semi are nearing cost parity with diesel, EU studies show Two new studies from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and… 2021/05/06 Teslarati
  22. Tesla Model X Plaid makes an appearance at Fremont test track with Tesla Semi An apparent tri-motor Tesla Model X Plaid was recently spotted… 2021/04/16 Teslarati
  23. Tesla Semi Reservation-Holder Email Notes Range/Reliability Updates 2021/04/15 Tesla Motors Club
  24. Tesla Semi email to reservation holders hint at improved specs It appears that Tesla is ensuring that the Semi’s production… 2021/04/15 Teslarati
  25. PepsiCo plans to take delivery of 15 Tesla Semis soon, could it happen this year? Will the long-awaited Tesla Semi be going into service soon?… 2021/04/04 Evannex
  26. Tesla Semi to make 15-vehicle debut with PepsiCo. later this year Tesla is set to deliver 15 all-electric Semis to PepsiCo… 2021/03/25 Teslarati
  27. Tesla Semi showcases its eerily quiet operation while sporting full wind deflector setup Tesla’s updated Semi prototype has been sighted with a full… 2021/03/25 Teslarati
  28. Why Tesla Semi Is Unlikely To Make Inroads To Australia Tesla Inc’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) Semi trucks may not find their… 2021/03/24 Benzinga
  29. Tesla Semi could miss out on the Australian market due to size regulations The Tesla Semi might find itself blocked from entering the… 2021/03/23 Teslarati
  30. Tesla Semi rival Freightliner crosses 700,000 miles of real-world testing Tesla Semi rival Freightliner recently revealed that its test fleet… 2021/03/18 Teslarati
  31. Tesla Semi rips through Fremont Factory’s test track in new video The Tesla Semi is not like traditional long-haulers out there.… 2021/03/14 Teslarati
  32. Tesla Semi spotted cruising around test track with Model Y camera car The Tesla Semi has been spotted at the Fremont Factory’s… 2021/03/09 Teslarati
  33. Is the design of the Tesla Semi evolving? Spy shots of Tesla Semi Truck prototypes have started popping up all… 2021/02/24 Evannex
  34. Bill Gates talks Elon Musk and comments on his rumored TSLA short position Elon Musk and Bill Gates may not always see eye… 2021/02/18
  35. Overlooked gems from Tesla's 4Q earnings call with Elon Musk As usual, Tesla’s latest earnings report was loaded with good… 2021/02/09 Evannex
  36. Rumor: Tesla To Produce 2,500 Semis This Year (100/Week In December) Let’s take a look at the projected ramp-up path for… 2021/02/05
  37. New Tesla Semi with updated windows, door handles, and tail lights spotted in Sacramento A new Tesla Semi with a white paint job, updated… 2021/02/02
  38. Tesla’s 4680 Kato Rd. facility has a top 10 capacity, and it’s not even close to finished Tesla CEO Elon Musk disclosed some details about the electric… 2021/02/01
  39. Tesla Roadster Delayed Until 2022 The Tesla Roadster update, originally scheduled to go into production… 2021/01/29
  40. What can we expect from Tesla in 2021? 2020 was a significant year for Tesla. The Silicon Valley automaker absolutely rocked Wall… 2021/01/22