Tesla Cybertruck News

  1. What can we expect from Tesla's Cybertruck? Once again, during Tesla's recent first quarter earnings call, Elon Musk… 2022/04/23 Evannex
  2. Tesla Cybertruck and Semi are candidates for 800-volt architecture 2022/04/21 Teslarati
  3. Tesla trademarks a fan’s idea for a Cybertruck-inspired backpack 2022/04/13 Teslarati
  4. Tesla Cybertruck wiper blade closeup hints at extremely practical design 2022/04/11 Teslarati
  5. Tesla Cybertruck showcases rear wheel steering feature in Giga Texas 2022/04/10 Teslarati
  6. Tesla Cybertruck functions & improvements teased at Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo 2022/04/08 Teslarati
  7. Tesla Cybertruck sightings increase as Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo nears 2022/04/07 Teslarati
  8. Tesla Cybertruck arrives at Giga Texas in time for Cyber Rodeo grand opening 2022/04/06 Teslarati
  9. Two mobile Tesla Cybertruck prototypes spotted testing together for the first time 2022/03/01 Teslarati
  10. Tesla continues Cybertruck tests around the Fremont Factory 2022/03/01 Teslarati
  11. Tesla continues Cybertruck tests around the Fremont Factory 2022/03/01 Teslarati
  12. Cybertruck is the coolest car I’ve ever seen in my life, says Joe Rogan The well-known comedian, UFC announcer, and podcaster with a massive social media… 2022/02/19 Evannex
  13. Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted at Fremont Factory 2022/02/08 Teslarati
  14. Kelley Blue Book: Why you won’t see the Cybertruck, Roadster, or any kind of budget EV this year from Tesla Tesla TSLA, +3.61% will not reveal any new models in… 2022/02/07 MarketWatch
  15. Tesla’s Product Roadmap update reveals Cybertruck, $25k Model won’t come in 2022 2022/01/27 Teslarati
  16. Joe Rogan gives the Tesla Cybertruck some praise: “Coolest car I’ve ever seen in my life” 2022/01/27 Teslarati
  17. Tesla could clarify plans for ‘awesome’ and mysterious new Cybertruck prototype during Q4 call 2022/01/26 Teslarati
  18. Earnings Outlook: Tesla earnings: News about the Cybertruck and new factories could set the tone for 2022 Tesla Inc. is slated to report fourth-quarter earnings after the… 2022/01/25 MarketWatch
  19. Tesla Cybertruck spotted being offloaded in Gigafactory Texas 2022/01/24 Teslarati
  20. Tesla Cybertruck leaked images show clear look at updated alpha prototype 2022/01/24 Teslarati
  21. Tesla Cybertruck steel supplier’s Sinton, TX plant to start initial operations next month 2022/01/16 Teslarati
  22. Tesla bull shares bold prediction on Cybertruck new variant, unveil date 2022/01/14 Teslarati
  23. What's the latest with Tesla's Cybertruck? Where's Cybertruck? According to The Verge, "reference to a 2022… 2022/01/14 Evannex
  24. Tesla Cybertruck production to start Q1 2023: Report 2022/01/14 Teslarati
  25. Tesla Cybertruck production to start Q1 2023: Report 2022/01/14 Teslarati
  26. Tesla Cybertruck order page no longer mentions a 2022 production estimate 2022/01/04 Teslarati
  27. Tesla Cybertruck design patent hints at folding rear seats for more utility and fun 2021/12/23 Teslarati
  28. GMC Hummer EV custom icons include cheeky Tesla Cybertruck easter egg 2021/12/18 Teslarati
  29. Tesla Cybertruck wipers in recent sighting won’t make it to production, confirms Musk 2021/12/11 Teslarati
  30. Tesla Cybertruck spotted on Fremont Test Track with massive wiper blade 2021/12/10 Teslarati
  31. Cybertruck to be Tesla’s best product to date; key updates to be revealed in January 2021/12/07 Teslarati
  32. Tesla will start Cybertruck production at Giga Texas with new Quad-Motor variant 2021/12/03 Teslarati
  33. Tesla Cybertruck’s “insane” characteristics are entirely intentional 2021/11/30 Teslarati
  34. Tesla Cybertruck in matte black looks stunning and daunting at the same time 2021/10/31 Teslarati
  35. Tesla Cybertruck looks absolutely unreal in new teaser footage 2021/10/24 Teslarati
  36. Tesla explains its Cybertruck exoskeleton supply strategy 2021/10/22 Teslarati
  37. Tesla confirms that it’s built multiple Cybertruck alpha prototypes 2021/10/21 Teslarati
  38. Tesla is making progress on the Cybertruck’s industrialization, will be built after Model Y 2021/10/20 Teslarati
  39. Tesla’s Elon Musk shares cool detail about Cybertruck’s side mirrors 2021/10/20 Teslarati
  40. Tesla Cybertruck with side mirrors and “rear-wheel steering” spotted in the wild 2021/10/19 Teslarati
  41. Tesla Cybertruck online configurator goes through strange transformation 2021/10/15 Teslarati
  42. Mattel creates the perfect Tesla Cybertruck LEGO kit that never was 2021/10/13 Teslarati
  43. Tesla’s “Giga Bier” features a Cybertruck-themed bottle 2021/10/10 Teslarati
  44. Tesla Cybertruck rear mega cast to support “Vault” bed with auto tonneau cover 2021/10/09 Teslarati
  45. Tesla Giga Texas to produce the safest ATV in the market alongside the Cybertruck 2021/10/08 Teslarati
  46. The Cybertruck is now the cheapest Tesla that customers could order today 2021/10/06 Teslarati
  47. Tesla Giga Texas drive-bys show just how massive Elon Musk’s Cybertruck factory really is 2021/10/06 Teslarati
  48. Tesla Cybertruck’s strange door handles boggle EV fans’ minds in recent sighting 2021/10/02 Teslarati
  49. Tesla Cybertruck’s HW4.0 computer will be built by Samsung: report 2021/09/24 Teslarati
  50. Tesla shares rare look at Cybertruck’s giant updated windshield in new video 2021/09/17 Teslarati
  51. Crazy Tesla Cybertruck RV mod reveals functional prototype in new ad 2021/09/16 Teslarati
  52. Tesla’s Elon Musk highlights Cybertruck’s uniqueness, explains adoption of yoke 2021/09/09 Teslarati
  53. Elon Musk updates Tesla Cybertruck delivery target, hints at novel features 2021/09/03 Teslarati
  54. Tesla Cybertruck steel supplier’s TX facility is inching closer to completion 2021/09/02 Teslarati
  55. Tesla Cybertruck to be ‘Elon Musk’s first disaster,’ according to Jim Cramer 2021/08/24 Teslarati
  56. Tesla Hardware 4 computer to be introduced with the Cybertruck next year 2021/08/20 Teslarati
  57. Tesla Cybertruck’s updated origami-style windshield and dash teased in patent 2021/08/15 Teslarati
  58. Tesla Cybertruck looks even more unreal in latest Giga Texas video 2021/08/10 Teslarati
  59. Tesla’s Cybertruck delay may have been caused by design finalization 2021/08/09 Teslarati
  60. Tesla Cybertruck deliveries formally pushed to 2022 2021/08/07 Teslarati
  61. Tesla Cybertruck steel supplier’s $1.7-billion TX facility is coming to form 2021/08/06 Teslarati
  62. Far from a Flop: Tesla Cybertruck orders surpass 1.2 million units 2021/08/02 Teslarati
  63. Tesla Cybertruck and new Roadster color options teased in PUBG tie-up 2021/08/01 Teslarati
  64. Tesla (TSLA) gets bullish forecast with conservative Cybertruck estimate 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  65. Tesla moving to Cybertruck beta production later this year 2021/07/27 Teslarati
  66. Tesla Cybertruck and new Roadster star in absolutely insane game trailer 2021/07/18 Teslarati
  67. The Tesla Cybertruck’s looks are not as big of a deal as critics think 2021/07/16 Teslarati
  68. Tesla Cybertruck could be ‘a flop,’ but Elon Musk doesn’t care 2021/07/15 Teslarati
  69. Tesla Cybertruck reportedly will use Samsung cameras in massive $400M deal 2021/07/12 Teslarati
  70. Tesla’s Elon Musk acknowledges ambitious Cybertruck camper concept 2021/07/06 Teslarati
  71. Tesla’s Elon Musk talks final Cybertruck design and new feature that boosts agility 2021/07/04 Teslarati
  72. Ford F-150 Lightning details reveal surprising premium over Tesla Cybertruck 2021/06/18 Teslarati
  73. Tesla Cybertruck looks at home as a work truck with Giga Texas’ workers 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  74. Want to live in your Tesla Cybertruck? Loki’s Basecamp makes it possible 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  75. On the Shoulder of Giants: How the Tesla Cybertruck’s ambitious camper is willing itself into being 2021/05/28 Teslarati
  76. Tesla “Cyberliving” trailer specs and size teased anew in Cybertruck UI images 2021/05/28 Teslarati
  77. Tesla Cybertruck UI patent hints at 610-mile range, eye tracking mirror adjustments 2021/05/28 Teslarati
  78. Tesla Armor Glass patent reveals ‘bulletproof’ secret to Cybertruck durability 2021/05/27 Teslarati
  79. Tesla Cybertruck’s Solar Panel Tonneau Cover comes to life in new patent 2021/05/27 Teslarati
  80. Tesla Cybertruck reservations peak at over 1 million units, Dual Motor most popular 2021/05/25 Teslarati
  81. Tesla with Off-Road Assist proves at home in Moab, and it’s not even the Cybertruck 2021/05/21 Teslarati
  82. F-150 Lightning vs Tesla Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T: How Ford’s new EV stacks up against younger competitors 2021/05/20 Teslarati
  83. Opinion: The Tesla Cybertruck accelerated the Ford F-150 Lightning’s release, like it or not 2021/05/20 Teslarati
  84. Tesla is reiterating the Cybertruck’s late 2021 initial delivery guidance 2021/05/19 Teslarati
  85. Tesla Cybertruck beats F-150 Lightning and Hummer EV in US electric truck survey 2021/05/18 Teslarati
  86. Tesla Cybertruck lets loose in impressive high speed run across Giga Texas 2021/05/15 Teslarati
  87. Home Sweet Home: Tesla discreetly places Cybertruck inside Giga Texas 2021/05/14 Teslarati
  88. The Tesla Cybertruck really does make everything look cyberpunk in the real world Everyone knows that the Tesla Cybertruck is an eye-catching vehicle.… 2021/05/09 Teslarati
  89. Tesla Cybertruck spotted at NYC showroom ahead of Elon Musk’s SNL appearance The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted in a company showroom… 2021/05/07 Teslarati
  90. Tesla’s Head Product Designer hints at Cybertruck diecast model Tesla’s Director of Product Design, Javier Verdura, hinted toward the… 2021/05/03 Teslarati
  91. Tesla Cybertruck looks like CGI in real life in Giga Texas footage Elon Musk has remarked in the past that the Tesla… 2021/04/30 Teslarati
  92. This crazy Tesla Cybertruck mod has gained $50 million in pre-orders The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter the electric vehicle… 2021/04/29 Teslarati
  93. RAM TRX pickup spotted at Tesla’s Fremont factory in apparent Cybertruck benchmark tests It appears that Tesla is conducting some benchmark testing on… 2021/04/29 Teslarati
  94. Former Tesla UI designer teases Cybertruck design, Full Self-Driving animations A former Tesla UI designer’s renders of the Cybertruck design,… 2021/04/28 Teslarati
  95. Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 RC Car from Hot Wheels is ‘so damn fast’ The Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 scale RC car from Hot Wheels… 2021/04/24 Teslarati
  96. Tesla is building a team to explore new materials like the Cybertruck’s steel exoskeleton Tesla is planning to build a new team that will… 2021/04/22 Teslarati
  97. Tesla’s Elon Musk gives production update for Giga Texas, but it’s not for the Cybertruck Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited the Gigafactory Texas site earlier… 2021/04/17 Teslarati
  98. Cybertruck Makes Appearance at Giga Texas 2021/04/16 Tesla Motors Club
  99. Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Cybertruck Spot At Giga Texas But Falls Short Of Giving Timeline On Production Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk on Thursday took… 2021/04/16 Benzinga
  100. Tesla Cybertruck pays visit to Gigafactory Texas with Elon Musk behind the wheel The Tesla Cybertruck has come home, at least to some… 2021/04/16 Teslarati