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  1. Tesla ironically faces pushback at Giga Berlin from environmental groups 2021/06/12 Teslarati
  2. Tesla fan Jay Leno takes the Model S Plaid for a record-breaking spin 2021/06/12 Teslarati
  3. Tesla is using a new 12V Lithium-ion battery in the Model S Plaid 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  4. Tesla’s Plaid Event highlights a new era of self-driving vehicles: Oppenheimer 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  5. Tesla flexes its overkill infotainment system by running “Cyberpunk 2077” at 60 fps 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  6. Tesla Model S Plaid Owner’s Manual reveals how “Auto Shift” works 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  7. Tesla Model X Plaid makes an appearance at Model S Plaid delivery event 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  8. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says Starship will take over Starlink launches 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  9. Tesla Model S Plaid first test ride: 0-60 mph in 1.99 sec with drag strip mode is crazy 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  10. Tesla Model S Plaid with ‘practically alien’ tech unleashed: 1000 hp, lowest drag coefficient, and PS5-level gaming 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  11. Tesla launches new Model S with new Plaid badge 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  12. Tesla’s suppliers in China are betting big on megacast technology 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  13. SpaceX VP says Starlink is almost ready to revolutionize in-flight internet 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  14. Tesla China momentum ‘a positive’ as company navigates new competition 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  15. Tesla looks to recruit Autopilot testers in major U.S. cities 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  16. Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event details show intense focus on attendees’ safety 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  17. Tesla Cybertruck looks at home as a work truck with Giga Texas’ workers 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  18. Tesla Model 3 brushes off T-bone crash that left gas-powered SUV in flames 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  19. SpaceX drone ship heads to the Bahamas for its ride to California 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  20. The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop gets positive reviews from first public passengers 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  21. Tesla hikes Model S Plaid price by $10k ahead of world debut 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  22. Elon Musk shares details on his current primary home in Texas 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  23. SpaceX rolls Starship launch tower section, giant water tank to orbital pad 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  24. Tesla’s Elon Musk responds to claims that he doesn’t pay income taxes 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  25. Lordstown Motors, short on cash, warns of possible closure 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  26. Tesla’s Model S Plaid delivery event is fully booked 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  27. Tesla Model 3 maintains #1 spot in France after strong May performance 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  28. Tesla starts making preparations for an exciting Model S Plaid delivery event 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  29. Tesla Model Y starts outselling the Model 3 in China 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  30. SpaceX on track to launch 20 Falcon 9 rockets in the first half of 2021 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  31. Massive Tesla fleet sighted in Port of Zeebrugge for Europe’s apparent quarter-end push 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  32. Tesla’s Robotaxi network could be more profitable than expected: ARK Invest 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  33. The Boring Company officially starts LVCC Loop operations with Las Vegas Convention Center trade show 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  34. SpaceX inaugurates two new Starship engine test stands with a static fire 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  35. Apple taps Tesla battery supplier CATL for EV development 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  36. Tesla stock spikes on China delivery figures, then cools down for no reason 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  37. Tesla Model Y without radar gets the ultimate Forward Collision and Auto-Braking stress test 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  38. Ultimate EV range test declares Tesla Model 3, Ford Mach-E, as endurance kings 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  39. Tesla Model S/X Plaid red brake calipers now absent from online configurator 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  40. Tesla China sales rise 30% in May, definitively debunks reports of weak demand 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  41. Tesla Model S with Elon Musk’s favorite “Deep Crimson” paint spotted in Fremont Factory 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  42. SpaceX outfits drone ship for Panama Canal transit after 45th booster recovery 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  43. SpaceX outfits drone ship for Panama Canal transit after 45th booster recovery 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  44. Tesla Fremont Factory test track gets redone in time for Model S Plaid delivery event 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  45. Tesla Heavy Trucking executive departs company after years of service 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  46. Want to live in your Tesla Cybertruck? Loki’s Basecamp makes it possible 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  47. Tesla plans to put Insurance, FSD subscription directly into smartphone app 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  48. Tesla battles new brake failure claim in China, owner admits story is fabricated 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  49. Tesla dials in Model Y production line with tooling improvements 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  50. Elon Musk’s Starlink files FCC application for user terminal with smaller antenna 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  51. Tesla’s Model Y production robots in Gigafactory Texas are coming alive 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  52. Tesla Model 3 is now the most popular all-electric vehicle in the UK 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  53. Tesla Model X Plaid interior first look shows sizable rear screen, cool third row toys 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  54. Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event invites roll out 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  55. Tesla works with global shipping company to digitize data and “stabilize logistics networks” 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  56. Tesla Model S Plaid+ canceled, Musk says there’s ‘no need’ for it 2021/06/06 Teslarati
  57. Elon Musk: Tesla FSD V.9 will be ‘Pure Vision,’ coming within next three weeks 2021/06/06 Teslarati
  58. Despite Tesla’s strong financials, every penny still counts 2021/06/05 Teslarati
  59. Ford’s Mustang Mach-E is being manufactured more than its gas-powered sibling 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  60. Tesla China’s rumored May sales slump debunked by CPCA Secretary General 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  61. Tesla Model Ys without radar equip several changes to improve Autopilot performance 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  62. Did Elon Musk hint that Tesla has broken up with Bitcoin? 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  63. Lucid continues to test Air prototypes ahead of late 2021 production 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  64. Tesla submits its application to build batteries at Giga Berlin 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  65. Tesla readies Model 3 for India testing and potential sale by end of 2021 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  66. SpaceX rolls first Starship booster hardware to launch site 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  67. Tesla to use LG Chem 90% Nickel NCMA Cathode for Shanghai-built Model Y 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  68. SpaceX aces fourth Dragon launch in six months 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  69. Tesla donates $3.1M of $6M grant to Jeff Dahn’s Dalhousie University battery team 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  70. Tesla outlines its policy for Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  71. Tesla issues seat belt-related recall to Model 3 and Model Y 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  72. Tesla China battery supplier CATL plans for new facility near Giga Shanghai 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  73. The SEC’s obsession with Elon Musk’s Twitter is still alive and well 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  74. SpaceX drone ships head to sea for back to back Falcon 9 launches 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  75. Tesla Model S Plaid broke the 1/4-mile record, Jay Leno says 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  76. Tesla recalls Model 3 and Model Ys due to brake caliper bolt issues 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  77. Tesla Model 3 overtakes Renault Zoe as France’s best-selling EV 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  78. Used Teslas are selling faster than ever, and the Model 3 is dominating 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  79. Tesla’s Elon Musk isn’t worried about media negativity: ‘Enough people have the product’ 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  80. Elon Musk: Tesla’s biggest challenge is supply chain, but it’s not a long-term issue 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  81. SpaceX’s second upgraded Dragon set to launch new solar arrays to the ISS 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  82. Tesla owner apologizes for staging “brake failure” incident in China 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  83. Tesla Giga Berlin’s battery plant to consume far less water than expected: report 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  84. Tesla Model Y overtakes Model 3 in April Global EV sales, Model 3 #1 in 2021 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  85. Tesla beefs up India executive team with Porsche alumnus 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  86. Tesla is officially planning to enter the restaurant business 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  87. Tesla Roadster SpaceX package’s 1.1-sec launch simulation is straight out of sci-fi 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  88. Tesla documentary with redacted Elon Musk tweets and quotes wins award 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  89. SpaceX first Super Heavy ‘test tank’ is almost ready for prime time 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  90. AMD confirms Tesla’s new Model S and Model X will boast RDNA 2 GPUs 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  91. Rivian’s potential IPO to target $70 billion valuation: report 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  92. Elon Musk explains Tesla’s lumbar support removal, price increases for Model 3 and Model Y 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  93. Hyundai throws the gauntlet against Tesla and Ford, declares itself as EV charging leader 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  94. Tesla cameras help catch suspect behind BB gun shootings in CA freeways 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  95. SpaceX bumps Starship booster engine count, ramps up Raptor factory 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  96. Tesla starts producing Model Y front megacasts in the Fremont Factory 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  97. The Boring Company LVCC Loop capacity exceeds 4400 passengers per hour [Video] 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  98. Rivian Guides reaching out to R1T reservation holders to prepare for July deliveries 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  99. SpaceX Starship engine completes orbital-duration static fire test in Texas 2021/05/30 Teslarati
  100. Tesla owners walk away with minor injuries after Model 3 gets crushed by concrete blocks 2021/05/30 Teslarati