Model Y News

  1. Tesla Giga Texas continues deliberate Model Y ramp, hints at upcoming delivery volumes 2022/04/27 Teslarati
  2. Tesla adjusts delivery estimates after select Model Y variants sell out for 2022 2022/04/27 Teslarati
  3. Tesla Giga Shanghai “coming back with a vengeance” with fresh waves of Model Y 2022/04/22 Teslarati
  4. Tesla Giga Texas shows initial stream of freshly-made Model Y 2022/04/22 Teslarati
  5. Tesla plans to produce Model Ys with both 4680 and 2170 cells at Gigafactory Texas this year 2022/04/20 Teslarati
  6. Tesla Model Y becomes a hotel amenity thanks to ride-sharing platform Envoy 2022/04/19 Teslarati
  7. Tesla reportedly targeting 1k Model Y per week by end of April in Gigafactory Berlin 2022/04/18 Teslarati
  8. Tesla pushes Made-in-Germany Model Y test drives in Switzerland 2022/04/15 Teslarati
  9. Tesla launches Made-in-Germany Model Y test drives in Switzerland 2022/04/15 Teslarati
  10. Tesla Model Y still China’s top premium SUV in March despite Covid headwinds 2022/04/13 Teslarati
  11. Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD only available for employees, at least for now: report 2022/04/12 Teslarati
  12. Tesla delivers first Model Y vehicles with 4680 batteries from Giga Texas 2022/04/11 Teslarati
  13. Tesla debuts new Model Y Standard Range with 4680 structural battery 2022/04/07 Teslarati
  14. Tesla’s Lone Star flag Model Y formation in Giga Texas has been completed 2022/04/07 Teslarati
  15. 2022 Tesla Model Y price in Australia leaked: report 2022/04/06 Teslarati
  16. Tesla Model Y edges out sibling Model 3 to win UK’s Best Seller for March 2022/04/05 Teslarati
  17. Tesla’s star-shaped Model Y formation for Cyber Rodeo hints at cool Lone Star flag EV formation 2022/04/05 Teslarati
  18. Tesla Giga Berlin sends off first Model Y vehicles for Europe deliveries 2022/03/31 Teslarati
  19. Tesla pushes several trim levels for Model Y, Model X back to 2023 delivery 2022/03/26 Teslarati
  20. Hertz’s Tesla order for 100k vehicles included Model Ys, which will be available in late April 2022/03/24 Teslarati
  21. Tesla Model Y added to Hertz fleet, joining Model 3 2022/03/24 Teslarati
  22. Oil giant Shell offers Tesla Model 3 and Model Y subscriptions in Germany 2022/03/23 Teslarati
  23. Elon Musk keeps Tesla tradition alive by dancing during Giga Berlin’s first Model Y handovers 2022/03/22 Teslarati
  24. Tesla hacker indicates Model Y Standard Range+ variant could rollout from Giga Texas first 2022/03/16 Teslarati
  25. Tesla Giga Berlin gathers its Model Y fleet ahead of next week’s delivery event 2022/03/16 Teslarati
  26. Tesla Giga Berlin releases official schedule for Model Y delivery event on March 22 2022/03/14 Teslarati
  27. Tesla lands quick EPA approval for new mysterious Model Y variant 2022/03/13 Teslarati
  28. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y receive latest round of price increases in US and China 2022/03/10 Teslarati
  29. Tesla China Model Ys turned into mobile suites, boost tourism in mountain village 2022/03/03 Teslarati
  30. Tesla Model Y from Giga Texas is just one EPA approval away from first deliveries 2022/02/24 Teslarati
  31. Tesla Model 3, Model Y rank among IIHS’ 2022 Top Safety Pick+ winners 2022/02/24 Teslarati
  32. Tesla holds its first Model Y vehicle delivery event in the UK 2022/02/23 Teslarati
  33. Tesla Model Y wins Cars.com’s Best Electric Vehicle of 2022 award 2022/02/21 Teslarati
  34. More Tesla Model Y with 4680 structural battery packs are gathering in Giga Texas 2022/02/21 Teslarati
  35. Hundreds of Tesla Model Y vehicles spotted in Giga Berlin 2022/02/21 Teslarati
  36. Tesla China initiates recall for over 26k Model 3 and Model Y to address heat pump issue 2022/02/18 Teslarati
  37. Tesla Model Y production units sighted ready for delivery at Giga Texas 2022/02/18 Teslarati
  38. NHTSA investigates 416k Tesla Model 3 and Model Y over phantom braking complaints 2022/02/17 Teslarati
  39. Tesla Model Y keeps its place as China’s top-selling premium SUV in January — despite heavy exports 2022/02/15 Teslarati
  40. Tesla Model Y vehicles spotted leaving Giga Texas site in car carriers 2022/02/15 Teslarati
  41. The Tesla Model Y is gaining ground frighteningly quickly in CA’s general auto market 2022/02/09 Teslarati
  42. Tesla Model 3, Model Y HVAC investigation in Canada still ongoing after 171 consumer complaints 2022/02/02 Teslarati
  43. Thousands of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y spotted ready for export in Shanghai 2022/01/31 Teslarati
  44. Tesla Model Y from Giga Texas will equip Structural Battery Pack, 4680 cells 2022/01/26 Teslarati
  45. Tesla Model Y will officially begin UK deliveries in February 2022/01/26 Teslarati
  46. Fresh batch of Tesla Model Y sighted in Giga Texas 2022/01/18 Teslarati
  47. Another Tesla Model Y body with apparent space for structural battery sighted in Giga Texas 2022/01/17 Teslarati
  48. With boost from cars like Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, China is well ahead of its 2025 EV target 2022/01/17 Teslarati
  49. Is the Tesla Model Y even safer than Model 3? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed the results… 2022/01/16 Evannex
  50. Tesla Model Y structural battery pack referenced in updated Owner’s Manual 2022/01/14 Teslarati
  51. Tesla Model Y tops China’s premium SUV segment in 2021 with nearly 170k units sold 2022/01/14 Teslarati
  52. Tesla stocks up on Model 3 Aero & Model Y Gemini wheel covers 2022/01/12 Teslarati
  53. Tesla Giga Berlin permitted to produce 2,000 more Model Y test vehicles while final approval is still pending 2022/01/11 Teslarati
  54. Tesla Model Y avoids getting T-boned by showing its “Moose Test” prowess 2022/01/10 Teslarati
  55. Tesla Giga Texas could start Model Y production in 7-10 days: Wedbush analyst 2022/01/09 Teslarati
  56. Tesla’s updated Model 3 and Model Y Owner’s Manual hints at ventilated seats 2022/01/06 Teslarati
  57. Tesla Giga Berlin kicks off 2022 with 33 locally-produced Model Y vehicles 2022/01/06 Teslarati
  58. Tesla Model Y Performance trims spotted leaving Gigafactory Berlin 2021/12/30 Teslarati
  59. Tesla Model 3, Model Y with AMD-powered MCU3 starts deliveries in North America 2021/12/29 Teslarati
  60. Tesla Model Y test body with space for structural battery pack sighted in Giga Texas 2021/12/28 Teslarati
  61. Tesla Model Y captures IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award 2021/12/21 Teslarati
  62. The Tesla Model Y is absolutely dominating China’s premium SUV sector 2021/12/10 Teslarati
  63. Tesla officially brings closure to the Model Y’s forgotten variant 2021/12/04 Teslarati
  64. Tesla China recalls 21.5k Model Y over front and rear steering knuckle issues 2021/12/03 Teslarati
  65. Tesla Giga Texas gets closer to Model Y ramp with new set of completed reviews 2021/12/01 Teslarati
  66. Tesla Model Y wins 2022 People’s Favorite competition in Norway 2021/12/01 Teslarati
  67. Tesla Model Y in China gets 12V lithium-ion battery like the Model S Plaid 2021/11/29 Teslarati
  68. Made-in-China Tesla Model Y Performance debuts with AMD Ryzen graphics chip 2021/11/26 Teslarati
  69. Tesla is absolutely crushing the competition in California thanks to the Model Y 2021/11/24 Teslarati
  70. Tesla China raises base Model 3, Model Y RWD prices 2021/11/24 Teslarati
  71. Tesla Model Y pre-production unit possibly spotted at Giga Berlin 2021/11/22 Teslarati
  72. Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is practically overflowing with Model 3 and Model Y 2021/11/22 Teslarati
  73. Multiple Tesla Model Y spotted rolling out of Giga Berlin in recent sighting 2021/11/18 Teslarati
  74. Fisker unveils the Ocean SUV to compete with Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E 2021/11/17 Teslarati
  75. Tesla updates base Model Y in China: New name, longer range, but slightly slower 2021/11/12 Teslarati
  76. Tesla Model Y gets $1,000 price increase as delivery estimates get later into 2022 2021/11/12 Teslarati
  77. Tesla Model Y Performance ready for delivery in China, hits EU in early 2022 2021/11/12 Teslarati
  78. Tesla Model Y Standard Range officially sold out until 2022 in China 2021/11/10 Teslarati
  79. Tesla Model Y joins Brightline+ rideshare service for train passengers 2021/11/09 Teslarati
  80. Tesla Model Y is now sold out for 2021 in the US 2021/11/05 Teslarati
  81. Tesla Model 3, Model Y gets $1k price increase & new free paint option 2021/11/05 Teslarati
  82. Tesla places 45 GWh LFP battery order from CATL for 2022 — enough for nearly 800k Model 3 and Model Y 2021/10/29 Teslarati
  83. Tesla is making progress on the Cybertruck’s industrialization, will be built after Model Y 2021/10/20 Teslarati
  84. Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is as busy as ever as Model Y orders open in UK 2021/10/18 Teslarati
  85. Tesla opens Model Y Design Studio for United Kingdom 2021/10/15 Teslarati
  86. Tesla China’s new King: The Model Y overtakes Model 3 in September 2021/10/13 Teslarati
  87. Tesla Giga Berlin’s Model Y seats to be mounted directly on 4680 structural battery 2021/10/12 Teslarati
  88. Tesla shows Model Y with 4680 structural pack, new vehicle colors at Giga Berlin Fest 2021/10/09 Teslarati
  89. Tesla Giga Berlin’s first goal is to produce one Model Y body every 45 seconds 2021/10/09 Teslarati
  90. Tesla Model Y trial production glimpsed in rare Giga Texas interior video 2021/10/09 Teslarati
  91. Tesla Model Y Performance nearly sold out for 2021 2021/10/05 Teslarati
  92. Ford Mustang Mach-E fails a key safety test that the Tesla Model Y aced 2021/09/29 Teslarati
  93. Tesla Model Y production at Giga Shanghai surges to 1.6k units per day in Sept: report 2021/09/27 Teslarati
  94. Tesla Model Y converted into green hydrogen car to show “Hyper Hybrid” innovations 2021/09/24 Teslarati
  95. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will now detect and slow down for emergency vehicles 2021/09/22 Teslarati
  96. Tesla Model Y body castings begin to stack up at Giga Texas 2021/09/10 Teslarati
  97. Tesla files to expand Model Y production lines at Fremont factory 2021/09/07 Teslarati
  98. Tesla overtakes Volkwagen, Ford in Norway as Model Y dominates August EV sales 2021/08/31 Teslarati
  99. Tesla Model Y pre-production units start rolling out in Giga Texas 2021/08/28 Teslarati
  100. Tesla Model Y becomes Norway’s best selling EV in August in less than one week 2021/08/27 Teslarati