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  1. Trevor Milton’s indictment should set precedent for other CEOs 2021/07/31 Teslarati
  2. Rivian eyes third assembly plant after talks with UK ministers 2021/07/31 Teslarati
  3. Tesla’s war against direct sales wages on with big win in Virginia 2021/07/30 Teslarati
  4. Biden campaigns for 40% of US automaker sales to be electric 2021/07/30 Teslarati
  5. Tesla to pay $1.5 million as settlement in battery throttling case 2021/07/30 Teslarati
  6. Tesla files patent to recover and recycle nickel and cobalt in old batteries 2021/07/30 Teslarati
  7. Tesla Megapack battery in Victoria catches fire while testing, no injuries reported 2021/07/30 Teslarati
  8. Rivian expands testing of its electric Amazon delivery vans to Michigan 2021/07/30 Teslarati
  9. Trevor Milton’s legal team releases statement after Nikola founder indicted for fraud 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  10. Chevrolet ponders axing the Camaro for an all-electric sedan 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  11. Tesla needs to commit to Gigafactory India for reduced import duties: officials 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  12. Tesla China supplier CATL launches cost-effective sodium-ion battery cell 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  13. A Timeline of Nikola’s Trevor Milton: From Fictional to Fraudulent 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  14. Nikola founder Trevor Milton indicted on three counts of fraud 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  15. Tesla’s aluminum alloys patent hints at ultra-tough EVs that are cheaper to produce 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  16. Tesla’s rolls out Disney+, Car Wash Mode, auto-dim mirror adjustments, and more in new update 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  17. Tesla AI Day scheduled for August 19, confirms Musk 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  18. Tesla Megapack system in Victoria gets closer to grid connection 2021/07/29 Teslarati
  19. Ford reports strong Q2 and raises 2021 outlook, 120k F-150 Lightning reservations 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  20. EV charging to receive $7.5 billion in Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal: White House 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  21. Rivian trademarks the names of six future all-electric models 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  22. Tesla co-founder’s battery recycling firm gets a cushy $700M investment round 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  23. Tesla’s retail strategy set to change for the third time in three years 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  24. Tesla Giga Berlin critics are taking another stand with some new legal action 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  25. Huawei exec who called Tesla “killing” machines fired after China legal team’s complaint 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  26. Tesla solar and battery storage deployments tripled year-over-year in Q2 2021 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  27. Rivian plans to invest $5B on second US assembly plant 2021/07/28 Teslarati
  28. Ford announces ‘Ion Park’ for electric vehicle battery production and research 2021/07/27 Teslarati
  29. Tesla’s Bitcoin investment has been a rollercoaster ride of gains and losses 2021/07/27 Teslarati
  30. Tesla Megapack batteries sold out “through the end of 2022” 2021/07/27 Teslarati
  31. Tesla Superchargers to adopt time-based pricing for non-Teslas EVs 2021/07/27 Teslarati
  32. Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is now a primary vehicle export hub 2021/07/27 Teslarati
  33. Tesla updates 4680 battery cell development at its Kato Rd. facility 2021/07/26 Teslarati
  34. Tesla reveals its secret to surviving semiconductor shortages 2021/07/26 Teslarati
  35. Tesla’s plans for Giga Texas prove everything is bigger in the Lone Star State 2021/07/26 Teslarati
  36. Tesla cannot receive ‘company-specific incentives’ to avoid India import taxes 2021/07/26 Teslarati
  37. Tesla bull predicts that FSD could bring $102B profit by 2032: Report 2021/07/26 Teslarati
  38. Tesla upgrade specialists plan first-ever EV-only track day in the UK 2021/07/25 Teslarati
  39. Tesla FSD Beta 9 to receive update with “several improvements” on Friday 2021/07/25 Teslarati
  40. Tesla drivers are the most satisfied EV owners in Norway 2021/07/24 Teslarati
  41. Tesla will import vehicles to India to determine if a Gigafactory is needed 2021/07/24 Teslarati
  42. Ford charges Mustang Mach-E customer $10k in doc fees, but it was a big misunderstanding 2021/07/24 Teslarati
  43. Rivian announces a $2.5B funding round, bringing grand total to $10.5B 2021/07/23 Teslarati
  44. Watch Rivian R1S defy gravity and logic with incredible climb in Moab, Utah 2021/07/23 Teslarati
  45. Lucid Motors and Churchill Capital IV combine, will become ‘Lucid Group, Inc’ 2021/07/23 Teslarati
  46. Tesla wants India’s government to consider lowering import taxes 2021/07/23 Teslarati
  47. General Motors extends second Chevy Bolt recall after vehicle fires 2021/07/23 Teslarati
  48. Tesla supply chain: Biden team plans $52B funding to address chip shortage among US carmakers 2021/07/23 Teslarati
  49. Tesla adopts straightforward and firm stance on employee language and respect 2021/07/23 Teslarati
  50. Tesla Superchargers estimated to make $25B+ in annual revenue when opened to other EVs 2021/07/23 Teslarati
  51. Tesla lawsuit claiming Autopilot is ‘false advertising’ allowed to proceed 2021/07/22 Teslarati
  52. Rivian to build second U.S. assembly plant, location to be determined 2021/07/22 Teslarati
  53. Mercedes-Benz announces all-electric strategy from 2025 onward 2021/07/22 Teslarati
  54. Tesla adds several new languages to UI, including Hindi in preparation for India launch 2021/07/22 Teslarati
  55. Tesla sells Maxwell’s ultracapacitor business amid dry electrode battery focus 2021/07/22 Teslarati
  56. Tesla signs nickel supply agreement with Australian mining company 2021/07/22 Teslarati
  57. Rivian partners with Tennessee State Parks for EV Charging Stations 2021/07/21 Teslarati
  58. Semiconductor shortages halt BMW and Daimler production lines 2021/07/21 Teslarati
  59. Tesla ‘a disproportional beneficiary’ of China’s incoming green tidal wave: Dan Ives 2021/07/21 Teslarati
  60. Ford patents mobile charging solution for EVs like the Mach-E — by towing them 2021/07/21 Teslarati
  61. Tesla’s generous FSD subscription cancellation policy is perfect for summer trips 2021/07/21 Teslarati
  62. Rivian R1S transports passengers to Blue Origin’s first human flight 2021/07/21 Teslarati
  63. Tesla FSD Hardware 3.0 retrofit price reduced to $1,000 2021/07/21 Teslarati
  64. Tesla Supercharger Network will open to other EVs this year 2021/07/20 Teslarati
  65. Blue Origin launches first suborbital tourists after six years and 15 test flights 2021/07/20 Teslarati
  66. Tesla China more than doubles VW’s Q2 sales figures in June alone 2021/07/20 Teslarati
  67. Tesla FSD Beta V9 earns sharp rebuke from Consumer Reports 2021/07/20 Teslarati
  68. Rivian R1T production delays will not affect Amazon delivery van rollout 2021/07/20 Teslarati
  69. GM confirms next all-electric pickup truck after Hummer EV and Silverado EV 2021/07/20 Teslarati
  70. Lucid Motors highlights Service options and Warranty details ahead of Air deliveries 2021/07/19 Teslarati
  71. Tesla launches first V3 Superchargers in Singapore ahead of initial deliveries 2021/07/19 Teslarati
  72. Tesla’s Grohmann facility expansion in Germany is nearing completion 2021/07/19 Teslarati
  73. Wild pack of Rivian R1S and R1T spotted in Pikes Peak 2021/07/19 Teslarati
  74. Tesla enables free Supercharging for sites affected by the floods in Europe 2021/07/18 Teslarati
  75. Tesla is closing its first-ever Supercharger to the public 2021/07/17 Teslarati
  76. Pirelli launches new ‘High-Load’ tire for EVs, and Lucid is first in line to try 2021/07/17 Teslarati
  77. Tesla FSD subscriptions go live for $99-$199 per month 2021/07/17 Teslarati
  78. Lordstown Motors under SEC investigation for false pre-orders, DiamondPeak merger 2021/07/16 Teslarati
  79. Rivian delays deliveries of R1T until September, R1S ‘shortly thereafter’ 2021/07/16 Teslarati
  80. Ford launches premium petrol fragrance to help ease Mach-E owners into EVs 2021/07/16 Teslarati
  81. Tesla Energy: Biden admin’s pushes instant permit app to ramp solar installations 2021/07/16 Teslarati
  82. Tesla’s Chief Accounting Officer sells over 4,450 shares for nearly $3M 2021/07/15 Teslarati
  83. Tesla Aviation? Morgan Stanley says yes, and it could be worth $1,000 per share 2021/07/15 Teslarati
  84. Ford Norway responds after six Mach-E units overheat due to regen braking use 2021/07/15 Teslarati
  85. Tesla Supercharger V3 Network is being upgraded to 300 kW for faster charging 2021/07/15 Teslarati
  86. GM issues safety warning for recalled Bolt EV units over potential fire risk 2021/07/15 Teslarati
  87. Rivian’s ‘K-Turn’ patent revolutionizes the three-point turn 2021/07/14 Teslarati
  88. Tesla Giga Berlin critics defeated once more as higher court rejects urgent action 2021/07/14 Teslarati
  89. Tesla Giga Berlin critics defeated once more as higher court rejects urgent action 2021/07/14 Teslarati
  90. Tesla battery partner LG Chem to invest $5B to produce EV battery materials 2021/07/14 Teslarati
  91. Tesla takes legal action against China driver who alleged “brake failure” incident 2021/07/14 Teslarati
  92. Tesla’s solar neighborhood in Austin could help TX learn if renewables are viable 2021/07/14 Teslarati
  93. Tesla’s Santa Monica Supercharger imagined in new renders, but where’s the 50’s diner? 2021/07/13 Teslarati
  94. Tesla’s 4680 battery has suppliers battling for the contract of a lifetime 2021/07/13 Teslarati
  95. Ford Mustang Mach-E sets Guinness World Record for EV efficiency 2021/07/13 Teslarati
  96. Tesla’s project to make GA 4.5 permanent at Fremont is underway 2021/07/12 Teslarati
  97. Tesla FSD Beta V9 nails Lombard St test in San Francisco with zero interventions 2021/07/12 Teslarati
  98. Tesla Vision will capture hazards, turn signals, hand gestures, and more, says Musk 2021/07/12 Teslarati
  99. Tesla and its Supercharger Network dominate 11-way 1,000-mile EV test 2021/07/11 Teslarati
  100. Tesla FSD Beta V9’s pure vision system impresses in foggy street drive 2021/07/11 Teslarati