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  1. Tesla ironically faces pushback at Giga Berlin from environmental groups 2021/06/12 Teslarati
  2. Tesla’s Plaid Event highlights a new era of self-driving vehicles: Oppenheimer 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  3. Tesla flexes its overkill infotainment system by running “Cyberpunk 2077” at 60 fps 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  4. Tesla’s suppliers in China are betting big on megacast technology 2021/06/11 Teslarati
  5. Tesla China momentum ‘a positive’ as company navigates new competition 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  6. Tesla looks to recruit Autopilot testers in major U.S. cities 2021/06/10 Teslarati
  7. Lordstown Motors, short on cash, warns of possible closure 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  8. Massive Tesla fleet sighted in Port of Zeebrugge for Europe’s apparent quarter-end push 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  9. Tesla’s Robotaxi network could be more profitable than expected: ARK Invest 2021/06/09 Teslarati
  10. Apple taps Tesla battery supplier CATL for EV development 2021/06/08 Teslarati
  11. Tesla Heavy Trucking executive departs company after years of service 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  12. Tesla plans to put Insurance, FSD subscription directly into smartphone app 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  13. Tesla battles new brake failure claim in China, owner admits story is fabricated 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  14. Tesla works with global shipping company to digitize data and “stabilize logistics networks” 2021/06/07 Teslarati
  15. Despite Tesla’s strong financials, every penny still counts 2021/06/05 Teslarati
  16. Ford’s Mustang Mach-E is being manufactured more than its gas-powered sibling 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  17. Tesla China’s rumored May sales slump debunked by CPCA Secretary General 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  18. Lucid continues to test Air prototypes ahead of late 2021 production 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  19. Tesla submits its application to build batteries at Giga Berlin 2021/06/04 Teslarati
  20. Tesla donates $3.1M of $6M grant to Jeff Dahn’s Dalhousie University battery team 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  21. Tesla outlines its policy for Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  22. Tesla China battery supplier CATL plans for new facility near Giga Shanghai 2021/06/03 Teslarati
  23. Tesla owner apologizes for staging “brake failure” incident in China 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  24. Tesla Giga Berlin’s battery plant to consume far less water than expected: report 2021/06/02 Teslarati
  25. Tesla beefs up India executive team with Porsche alumnus 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  26. Tesla is officially planning to enter the restaurant business 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  27. Rivian’s potential IPO to target $70 billion valuation: report 2021/06/01 Teslarati
  28. Hyundai throws the gauntlet against Tesla and Ford, declares itself as EV charging leader 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  29. Tesla cameras help catch suspect behind BB gun shootings in CA freeways 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  30. Rivian Guides reaching out to R1T reservation holders to prepare for July deliveries 2021/05/31 Teslarati
  31. Tesla owners convey worries over radar loss for inclement weather 2021/05/29 Teslarati
  32. Tesla releases Conflict Mineral report, extending history of humane mining practices 2021/05/28 Teslarati
  33. Tesla Vision: Autopilot safety features still active, NHTSA, IIHS to retest soon 2021/05/28 Teslarati
  34. Tesla’s EV Seniority and how it could affect Ford’s price parity battle: Goldman Sachs 2021/05/28 Teslarati
  35. Tesla activates its camera-based driver monitoring system 2021/05/28 Teslarati
  36. Rivian pushes R1T deliveries to July, updates standard features and Drive program 2021/05/27 Teslarati
  37. U.S. Senate Panel looks to boost EV Tax Credit to $12,500: What we know so far 2021/05/27 Teslarati
  38. Tesla structural battery pack patent hints at clever contingencies for crashes, cell failures 2021/05/27 Teslarati
  39. Tesla Powerpack battery steps in after coal plant explodes in Australia 2021/05/27 Teslarati
  40. Rivian R1T VIN decoder hints at Dual Motor option among 2022 models 2021/05/27 Teslarati
  41. Tesla accepting graffiti art samples for Giga Berlin reveals how close it is to completion 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  42. Ford F-150 Lightning seen in NYC sporting its massive power frunk 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  43. Ford bumps its EV investment to $30B, F-150 Lightning grabs 70k pre-orders 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  44. Tesla vandals cause electrical fire at Giga Berlin site, confess in strange letter 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  45. Facebook CTO shares insights on Tesla’s shift to pure vision for Autopilot 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  46. Tesla’s giant casting machine in Giga Texas comes alive amid trial runs 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  47. Tesla set to dominate North America’s used car market as officials ponder 2nd-hand EV incentives 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  48. Tesla FSD price increase and Enhanced Autopilot’s return spotted in source code 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  49. Tesla pure vision Autopilot now rolling out in North America 2021/05/26 Teslarati
  50. Porsche Taycan 12V battery complaints prompts NHTSA investigation 2021/05/25 Teslarati
  51. Tesla China to store vehicle data locally while giving drivers access to it 2021/05/25 Teslarati
  52. Russia woos Tesla as several regions compete for the right to build a Gigafactory 2021/05/25 Teslarati
  53. Ford reveals specs for F-150 Lightning Pro: Price, Range, and Features 2021/05/25 Teslarati
  54. Tesla hacker to be deported after pleading guilty to ransomware plot against Giga Nevada 2021/05/25 Teslarati
  55. Tesla captures two top-five spots in China in April 2021/05/24 Teslarati
  56. Tesla wind and solar-powered Superchargers come to the UK with Fastned partnership 2021/05/24 Teslarati
  57. Tesla’s first-ever Semi ‘Megacharger’ to be installed at Frito-Lay’s Modesto plant 2021/05/24 Teslarati
  58. Tesla updates website to reflect pure vision, no-radar Autopilot and FSD approach 2021/05/24 Teslarati
  59. Tesla’s Top 3 (accidental) PR campaigns that defy advertising logic 2021/05/22 Teslarati
  60. Tesla installs its first made-in-China V3 Superchargers 2021/05/21 Teslarati
  61. Tesla’s prefab expansion of its Grohmann Automation facility is hitting its pace 2021/05/21 Teslarati
  62. Tesla’s 12-month outlook gets $1,000 price tag from bull analyst Dan Ives 2021/05/20 Teslarati
  63. Ford signs joint venture with SK Innovation, backtracking its ‘no advantage’ battery stance 2021/05/20 Teslarati
  64. Ford F-150 Lightning unveiled: Price, Release date, Range, Features and more 2021/05/20 Teslarati
  65. VW CEO Diess criticizes hydrogen cars for the climate: ‘Please listen to the science!’ 2021/05/19 Teslarati
  66. Tesla Giga Berlin’s final assembly line takes shape after new approval 2021/05/19 Teslarati
  67. Tesla holds ‘by far’ the most short interest in the market: S3 Partners 2021/05/19 Teslarati
  68. Biden takes the wheel of the electric Ford F-150 Lightning: “This sucker’s quick!” 2021/05/19 Teslarati
  69. President Joe Biden’s Tesla-void EV speech gave Ford too much credit [Opinion] 2021/05/18 Teslarati
  70. Lamborghini outlines massive $1.8 billion plan to shift to electrification 2021/05/18 Teslarati
  71. Rising gas prices influence Tesla and electric car purchases: survey 2021/05/18 Teslarati
  72. Tesla Powerwall and Autobidder tapped for Vermont’s new frequency regulation program 2021/05/18 Teslarati
  73. Tesla shares scooped up by AI-powered fund with exceptional track record 2021/05/17 Teslarati
  74. Tesla video conference call service shows developers are ready for a Tesla App Store 2021/05/17 Teslarati
  75. Media outlet apologizes to Tesla for “brake failure” reports with zero evidence 2021/05/17 Teslarati
  76. Rivian prepares to ramp production for R1T deliveries this summer 2021/05/17 Teslarati
  77. Multiple Tesla Superchargers blocked in one fell swoop by creative pickup truck 2021/05/16 Teslarati
  78. Tesla Autopilot Abusers need to be held accountable, but how? 2021/05/15 Teslarati
  79. EV fans are using Tesla memes to win over skeptics during recent gas crisis 2021/05/14 Teslarati
  80. Tesla in talks with new LFP cell supplier for low-cost battery deal: report 2021/05/14 Teslarati
  81. Tesla Virtual Power Plant is providing energy security to Australian homes 2021/05/14 Teslarati
  82. Ford ponders in-car ads using vehicle cameras in new patent 2021/05/14 Teslarati
  83. Ford ponders in-car ads using vehicle cameras in new patent 2021/05/14 Teslarati
  84. Tesla Giga Shanghai not experiencing production ‘halt’ or delays: Global Times 2021/05/13 Teslarati
  85. Tesla Giga Berlin slated for late-Summer start: Economic Minister reiterates production dates 2021/05/13 Teslarati
  86. Tesla Autopilot abuser released from jail, buys new Tesla, rides in backseat again 2021/05/13 Teslarati
  87. Tesla’s most-sustainable cryptocurrency options aren’t plentiful but they are ideal 2021/05/13 Teslarati
  88. GMC Hummer EV shows off in off-road test on Moab Trails [Video] 2021/05/13 Teslarati
  89. Tesla deliveries in Israel are reportedly delayed due to missile strikes 2021/05/12 Teslarati
  90. Tesla China’s average April not something to ‘get hung up on’: Piper Sandler 2021/05/12 Teslarati
  91. Tesla to enter the US’ renewable credit market: report 2021/05/12 Teslarati
  92. Tesla owner arrested due to Autopilot abuse pledges to continue Autopilot abuse 2021/05/12 Teslarati
  93. Lucid Motors CEO predicts “significant growth” in 2022, but won’t commit to 20,000 EV target 2021/05/12 Teslarati
  94. Tesla Giga Texas ‘Bobcat Project’: What we know so far 2021/05/11 Teslarati
  95. Tesla appoints a director for its operation in India 2021/05/11 Teslarati
  96. Tesla waits to expand Giga Shanghai as U.S-China relations intensify 2021/05/11 Teslarati
  97. Tesla’s reforestation efforts for Gigafactory Berlin is over halfway done 2021/05/11 Teslarati
  98. NIO gains advantage after Chinese Government favors battery swapping for EVs 2021/05/11 Teslarati
  99. Illegal Tesla Autopilot use incident under investigation by CA authorities 2021/05/11 Teslarati
  100. Tesla agrees to pay fine, install solar project in air quality case with Bay Area Air District 2021/05/10 Teslarati