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  1. Tesla will get benefits if it produces cars in India, says transport minister 2022/05/03 Teslarati
  2. Tesla 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting set for August 4  2022/05/03 Teslarati
  3. Tesla bill for direct sales in CT postponed again  2022/05/03 Teslarati
  4. Biden Administration announces $3bn plan for U.S.-based EV battery manufacturing 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  5. : Tesla asks for more time to file proxy, foiling hopes of fresh look into Musk’s holdings Tesla Inc. has asked for more time to file its… 2022/05/02 MarketWatch
  6. Insider Weekends: Musk Sells $8.52 Billion Of Tesla To Fund Twitter Purchase 2022/05/02 SeekingAlpha
  7. Ford F-150 Lightning is more powerful than expected at 580 hp 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  8. : Could China influence Twitter if Musk succeeds in buying the social-media platform? It would not be easy. Here’s why. Tesla founder Elon Musk’s $44 billion bid to buy Twitter… 2022/05/02 MarketWatch
  9. : Twitter shares are still below Musk’s offer price for the company. Should you buy it cheaper now and make a tidy profit? Proceed with caution, experts say. Now that Elon Musk has a deal to buy Twitter… 2022/05/02 MarketWatch
  10. NASA’s Webb Telescope mirror crushes “most optimistic predictions” after final alignment 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  11. : With Elon Musk’s Twitter bid, there’s more at stake than freedom of speech: ‘It gives him a lot more influence over governments’ While some critics worry that Twitter private could have ramifications… 2022/05/01 MarketWatch
  12. Tesla’s unconventional sales model could mark the end of traditional car dealerships As the world gradually shifts to electric vehicles, the auto… 2022/05/01 Evannex
  13. Outside the Box: Death to the car dealership — the Tesla sales model is poised to take over America Few would mourn the death of the traditional car-buying experience.… 2022/05/01 MarketWatch
  14. Project Syndicate: Musk can allow more objectionable content on Twitter, but he can’t escape accountability completely LONDON (Project Syndicate)—With Elon Musk set to buy Twitter  TWTR, -0.18%… 2022/04/30 MarketWatch
  15. Electric car sales soar despite ballooning battery costs These days, everyone we know seems to be asking us… 2022/04/30 Evannex
  16. Sen. Joe Manchin blasts EV tax credit expansion, calls for hydrogen development 2022/04/29 Teslarati
  17. Volkswagen partners with bp for EV fast charging rollout in Europe 2022/04/29 Teslarati
  18. Amazon joins Ford in reporting significant losses from Rivian investment 2022/04/29 Teslarati
  19. Tesla is now more profitable than Ford and GM despite selling far fewer vehicles in Q1 2022/04/29 Teslarati
  20. Tesla Powerwalls to power clinics in war-ravaged Irpin and Borodyanka in Ukraine 2022/04/29 Teslarati
  21. The Ratings Game: Twitter earnings underscore need for Elon Musk to take ‘more short-term risks,’ analyst says Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter Inc. is generating buzz that… 2022/04/29 MarketWatch
  22. Will Giga Berlin give Tesla an unfair advantage in Europe? As electric vehicles take hold of the larger auto market,… 2022/04/29 Evannex
  23. Tesla mobile charger now available for purchase with vehicle orders 2022/04/29 Teslarati
  24. USPS sued over new gas-powered delivery vehicles by UAW & states 2022/04/29 Teslarati
  25. German official calls for “Tesla Speed” efforts to shift away from Russian gas 2022/04/28 Teslarati
  26. Nikola announces production and shipment of Tre Semi has started 2022/04/28 Teslarati
  27. : Musk’s bid to end SEC settlement deal over Tesla tweets is denied A federal judge on Wednesday denied Tesla Inc. Chief Executive… 2022/04/28 MarketWatch
  28. Tesla’s EVs still have great financing deals compared to rivals, even with recent price increases 2022/04/28 Teslarati
  29. Rivian’s tax agreement for Georgia manufacturing plant gets approval 2022/04/28 Teslarati
  30. New report says smart charging can further reduce emissions from electric cars A slew of studies have found that electric vehicles produce… 2022/04/28 Evannex
  31. Volkswagen teases cool ID.Buzz pickup truck early concept 2022/04/28 Teslarati
  32. Tesla shares begin to recover following $126bn loss from Musk Twitter deal 2022/04/27 Teslarati
  33. Tesla won’t be shipping cars from Shanghai to India: Transport Minister 2022/04/27 Teslarati
  34. Polestar 2 gets a fresh design with sustainability and ethical sourcing in focus 2022/04/27 Teslarati
  35. Tesla: Deep Psychological Reasons For Success 2022/04/27 SeekingAlpha
  36. : Musk is no stranger to juggling, but is Twitter going to take too much attention from Tesla? Tesla Inc. shares dropped about 10% on Tuesday, signaling concerns… 2022/04/27 MarketWatch
  37. Tesla is making Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant even bigger 2022/04/27 Teslarati
  38. : Twitter credit faces a ‘multiple-notch’ downgrade as Musk’s buyout leads to significant spike in debt Twitter Inc.’s deal to be acquired by Elon Musk will… 2022/04/27 MarketWatch
  39. Ignoring Tesla's success, some automakers continue to cling to the internal combustion engine BMW's i3, a compact electric vehicle, was an early-mover in… 2022/04/27 Evannex
  40. Ford teases second EV pickup truck during F-150 Lightning launch event 2022/04/27 Teslarati
  41. Why I Sold Tesla And Bought Ford 2022/04/27 SeekingAlpha
  42. Lucid Group, Saudi Arabia agree to 100,000 EV fleet deal 2022/04/26 Teslarati
  43. Subaru details pricing options for new Solterra EV 2022/04/26 Teslarati
  44. Ford launches F-150 Lightning production at Rouge Electric Vehicle Center 2022/04/26 Teslarati
  45. After Musk acquisition, Twitter CEO assures employees no layoffs are planned for now 2022/04/26 Teslarati
  46. Jeff Bezos ponders Tesla’s ‘complexity’ in China following Musk’s Twitter acquisition 2022/04/26 Teslarati
  47. : Reaction to Twitter and Musk split along party lines —‘An encouraging day for free speech’ or ‘a platform where only the loudest can be heard’? Everyone from free-speech advocates to President Biden and members of… 2022/04/26 MarketWatch
  48. : Shareholders push for more board diversity at Tesla, Google, Wells Fargo and Home Depot A law mandating corporate board diversity for publicly traded companies… 2022/04/26 MarketWatch
  49. : ‘Elon is the singular solution I trust,’ says Jack Dorsey of Twitter takeover plan Jack Dorsey gave his blessing to Elon Musk’s pending $44… 2022/04/26 MarketWatch
  50. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey voices support of Musk’s acquisition: “Elon is the singular solution I trust” 2022/04/26 Teslarati
  51. Handy links to debunk common anti-EV myths The enemies of electricity are out in full force—every hour… 2022/04/26 Evannex
  52. Using Tesla As Collateral To Buy Twitter 2022/04/26 SeekingAlpha
  53. RAM 1500 BEV debut set for Fall 2022, teaser takes jab at Ford F-150 Lightning  2022/04/26 Teslarati
  54. Key Words: Even if Musk would let Trump back on Twitter, the former president and Truth Social’s Devin Nunes say he’s not interested Billionaire Elon Musk’s move to buy Twitter has sparked tweets… 2022/04/25 MarketWatch
  55. Anti-Tesla Super Bowl ads worked…but not in the way you would think 2022/04/25 Teslarati
  56. Crypto: Dogecoin jumps 17%, outperforms bitcoin, as supporters count on Musk to make Twitter more ‘doge-friendly’ Dogecoin jumped more than 17% Monday following several reports that… 2022/04/25 MarketWatch
  57. Renault considering Nissan stake sale that could fund EV transition 2022/04/25 Teslarati
  58. GM to produce electrified Chevy Corvette next year, all-electric variant to follow 2022/04/25 Teslarati
  59. Why Tesla Shares Dropped Monday Elon Musk said Tesla's Shanghai plant is coming back with… 2022/04/25 Fool.com
  60. Are automakers teaming up on their electric cars to compete with Tesla? Honda and GM recently announced plans to codevelop “a series… 2022/04/24 Evannex
  61. Tesla on ‘Summon’ crashes into parked $2M jet at aircraft event 2022/04/22 Teslarati
  62. Tesla: FCF Is Soaring 2022/04/22 SeekingAlpha
  63. Tesla's Cinderella-Like Q1 Numbers May Not Survive COVID 2022/04/22 SeekingAlpha
  64. Tesla moves closer to ‘Investment Grade’ rating with S&P Global following Q1 showing 2022/04/22 Teslarati
  65. Lincoln unveils Star Concept EV with plans for three fully electric vehicles by 2025 2022/04/22 Teslarati
  66. Tesla: No Irrationality In The Current Price, Part 2 2022/04/22 SeekingAlpha
  67. The New York Post: Musk in talks with private-equity firm over possible Twitter takeover bid, say sources Elon Musk is in talks with private-equity firm Thoma Bravo… 2022/04/22 MarketWatch
  68. Volkswagen scrambles to catch up to Tesla’s focus on software There’s no question that even a legacy car manufacturer like… 2022/04/22 Evannex
  69. Tesla supplier CATL wins exploration rights to lithium project in China 2022/04/22 Teslarati
  70. Tesla: The Real Unknown Is In Q2 2022/04/21 SeekingAlpha
  71. Tesla Solar deployments suffered in Q1 due to bottlenecks ‘beyond our control’ 2022/04/21 Teslarati
  72. Tesla Giga Berlin’s vehicle production ramp will be faster than Giga Shanghai 2022/04/21 Teslarati
  73. Tesla aims to produce 1.5 million cars in 2022 2022/04/21 Teslarati
  74. Tesla Tequila limited edition bottle, glass set sold out lightning fast 2022/04/21 Teslarati
  75. Tesla confirms new Robotaxi without steering wheel and pedals for 2024 production 2022/04/21 Teslarati
  76. Why Tesla Shares Took Off Today The latest quarterly report from Tesla didn't have any blemishes. 2022/04/21 Fool.com
  77. Is It Too Late to Buy Tesla? A record first quarter could be just the start of… 2022/04/21 Fool.com
  78. Tesla says ‘nearly half’ of the vehicles it produced in Q1 equipped LFP batteries 2022/04/20 Teslarati
  79. Tesla: Regulatory Credits Drive Big Beats 2022/04/20 SeekingAlpha
  80. Musk lawyers fight attempt to silence CEO in Tesla ‘funding secured’ tweet case 2022/04/20 Teslarati
  81. Can Tesla’s two new factory openings outshine Shanghai shutdown? 2022/04/20 Teslarati
  82. Tesla: Why I'm Not Selling A Single Share 2022/04/20 SeekingAlpha
  83. CU Direct developing tool to provide Tesla buyers easier access to credit unions 2022/04/20 Teslarati
  84. Tesla’s vertical integration is something automakers are keen to copy Automotive manufacturing has largely relied on suppliers in the past… 2022/04/20 Evannex
  85. Tesla’s 2022 expectations hinge on hit from Giga Shanghai shutdown 2022/04/19 Teslarati
  86. Tesla’s consumer bond-to-brand intensity ranks second only behind Disney: study 2022/04/19 Teslarati
  87. Tesla urges judge to pause CA DFEH’s widespread racial discrimination lawsuit 2022/04/19 Teslarati
  88. Tesla Giga Shanghai returns to work with 8k workers, battery and motor lines at full speed 2022/04/19 Teslarati
  89. Tesla bulls Ark Invest predicts shares will reach $4,600 by 2026 2022/04/19 Teslarati
  90. Porsche Taycan can act as buffer to power grid in bidirectional charging test The phrase “game-changing” gets tossed around a bit too much,… 2022/04/19 Evannex
  91. The Wall Street Journal: Feds probed Tesla for racial discrimination before California filed suit A principal U.S. federal agency responsible for enforcing antidiscrimination laws… 2022/04/19 MarketWatch
  92. Tesla graphite supplier gets $107M loan offer from Biden Administration 2022/04/19 Teslarati
  93. Tesla employees visit Del Valle ISD students, opening path to work at Giga Texas 2022/04/19 Teslarati
  94. Tesla: No Irrationality In The Current Price 2022/04/18 SeekingAlpha
  95. Tesla Megapack-powered BESS at Moss Landing commissioned to PG&E’s grid 2022/04/18 Teslarati
  96. Tesla orders after April 17 will not include Mobile Charging Connector 2022/04/18 Teslarati
  97. Penske adds Ford E-Transit to its fleet of rental and leasing vans 2022/04/18 Teslarati
  98. Rivian could be facing supplier skepticism, Scaringe believes some are holding back 2022/04/18 Teslarati
  99. : If Musk’s $43 billion Twitter takeover falls apart, who else has enough money to buy the company? Elon Musk has submitted a bid to buy Twitter TWTR,… 2022/04/18 MarketWatch
  100. Tesla to provide stipend, meals, and mattresses to workers as Giga Shanghai adopts “closed-loop” system 2022/04/18 Teslarati