Tesla Stock Price News

  1. Tesla prepares for ‘monstrous’ Q2 with Fremont factory running 10-20% above capacity: analyst 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  2. Tesla filing hints at potential 2022 annual shareholder meeting, stock split vote delay 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  3. Tesla Giga Shanghai has resumed over 80% production 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  4. Why Tesla Stock Dropped, Then Popped on Monday Tesla stock is shocked by bad headlines -- and survives… 2022/05/02 Fool.com
  5. Elon Musk sold around $8.4 billion worth of Tesla shares this week as he moved to buy Twitter In this articleTSLAElon Musk, founder of SpaceX and chief executive… 2022/04/29 CNBC
  6. : Elon Musk sells nearly $4 billion in Tesla stock following Twitter deal Elon Musk sold nearly $4 billion in Tesla Inc. stock… 2022/04/29 MarketWatch
  7. Tesla CEO Elon Musk offloads about $4B TSLA shares 2022/04/29 Teslarati
  8. Why Tesla Stock Plunged After Musk's Successful Bid for Twitter Is Twitter a distraction for the electric vehicle mogul? 2022/04/29 Fool.com
  9. Why Tesla Stock Just Popped 5% Elon Musk is buying Twitter -- but the even bigger… 2022/04/29 Fool.com
  10. Elon Musk’s Twitter deal puts the pressure on Tesla stock 2022/04/28 Teslarati
  11. : Tesla stock looking at 15% weekly loss, Twitter stock stays below Musk’s offer Investors on Thursday gave side eye to Elon Musk’s bid… 2022/04/28 MarketWatch
  12. Why Tesla Stock Is Sinking Today After recent sell-offs, the EV stock is now down roughly… 2022/04/28 Fool.com
  13. Tesla Stock Is Falling Today: Is It Time to Buy? The EV industry leader's share price is now down roughly… 2022/04/28 Fool.com
  14. : Tesla stock up 3%, EV maker recovers some of the $126 billion lost in market cap Tesla Inc. stock rose nearly 3% on Wednesday, taking some… 2022/04/27 MarketWatch
  15. Twitter Acquisition Impacting Tesla Stock: What Investors Should Know 2022/04/27 SeekingAlpha
  16. Why Tesla Stock Is Bouncing Back Today Investors appear to be a bit less concerned about what… 2022/04/27 Fool.com
  17. Tesla shares slide nearly 11% following Musk’s $44bn Twitter deal 2022/04/26 Teslarati
  18. Tesla sold 75% of EVs in Q1 2022, maintaining its dominance on the US market 2022/04/26 Teslarati
  19. Tesla: Best EV Stock, But Not At This Price 2022/04/26 SeekingAlpha
  20. Why Tesla Stock Just Crashed 7% Owning Twitter and Tesla at the same time could be… 2022/04/26 Fool.com
  21. Why Tesla Stock Popped Today Tesla's stock received some positive comments from an analyst. 2022/04/22 Fool.com
  22. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: United Airlines, AT&T, Tesla and more In this articleTSLAUALAALA United Airlines Holdings Inc. Boeing 777-200 aircraft… 2022/04/21 CNBC
  23. Rally on Wall Street loses steam as traders weigh rising rates; Tesla pops after earnings In this articleUALVIDEO0:5400:54U.S. stocks point to positive open following Tesla,… 2022/04/21 CNBC
  24. Elon Musk unlocks $23B worth of Tesla stock options after stellar Q1 results 2022/04/21 Teslarati
  25. Market Snapshot: U.S. stocks see gains as investors cheer Tesla earnings; airline shares jump U.S. stocks advanced Thursday, as Tesla Inc.’s banner earnings report… 2022/04/21 MarketWatch
  26. Tesla (TSLA) rises as Q1 earnings leave Wall Street analysts “speechless” 2022/04/21 Teslarati
  27. Earnings Results: Tesla posts record profit, Q1 sales jump 81% despite supply-chain disruptions Tesla Inc. late Wednesday reported another record quarter of sales… 2022/04/21 MarketWatch
  28. Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk on Q1 2022 Results - Earnings Call Transcript 2022/04/20 SeekingAlpha
  29. LIVE BLOG: Tesla (TSLA) Q1 2022 earnings call 2022/04/20 Teslarati
  30. Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Tesla, United, Carvana and more In this articleCSXTSLACVNAUALLRCXAn aerial view shows the Tesla Fremont Factory… 2022/04/20 CNBC
  31. Tesla (TSLA) Q1 2022 earnings results: Another beat with 19% operating profit and margin 2022/04/20 Teslarati
  32. Why Tesla Stock Popped Before Earnings The Shanghai factory gets back to work -- slowly. 2022/04/19 Fool.com
  33. Is Tesla Stock A Buy Or Sell Ahead Of Upcoming Earnings? 2022/04/18 SeekingAlpha
  34. Why Tesla Stock Popped on Monday Hope springs eternal for a spring gigafactory reopening in China. 2022/04/18 Fool.com
  35. Stocks To Watch: Twitter Twists + Earnings For Netflix, J&J And Tesla 2022/04/16 SeekingAlpha
  36. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Twitter, Tesla, Goldman Sachs, IBM and more In this articleTSLATWTRGSWFCUNHRADMSWDCSTXRENTIBMNKETwitterKacper Pempel | ReutersCheck out the companies making… 2022/04/14 CNBC
  37. Why Tesla Stock Short-Circuited Today Musk's Twitter antics continue to distract and annoy Tesla investors. 2022/04/14 Fool.com
  38. Iconic investor Ron Baron is supporting Tesla stock for the long haul Investing legend Ron Baron has been holding Tesla in his portfolio… 2022/04/13 Evannex
  39. Why Tesla Stock Keeps Falling COVID disrupts Chinese car sales -- and Tesla's Chinese car… 2022/04/11 Fool.com
  40. Why Tesla Stock Tumbled Today What went up just came back down. 2022/04/08 Fool.com
  41. Why Tesla Stock Was Riding High This Morning Tesla's throwing a party in Texas, and shareholders started the… 2022/04/07 Fool.com
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  44. Why Tesla Shares Rose 24% Last Month The electric vehicle maker opened a new factory and announced… 2022/04/06 Fool.com
  45. : Twitter stock rallies again after Tesla chief Elon Musk is named to its board Twitter Inc. shares looked poised to continue their rally Tuesday… 2022/04/05 MarketWatch
  46. Tesla analysts still confident in TSLA despite Giga Shanghai shutdown and supply chain challenges 2022/04/05 Teslarati
  47. Why Tesla Stock Braked Hard Today Elon Musk may now spend more time than ever thinking… 2022/04/05 Fool.com
  48. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Twitter, Starbucks, Tesla and more In this articleTSLAWFCHTZLOG.N-CHCTRNMusk would have been appointed to Twitter's board… 2022/04/04 CNBC
  49. Tesla: After A ~60% Rally, There's More In Store 2022/04/04 SeekingAlpha
  50. Deep Dive: Tesla is one of only 11 stocks in the S&P 500, excluding energy, that enjoys this critical support A stock split for a rapidly growing company can be… 2022/04/04 MarketWatch
  51. Tesla’s Elon Musk takes 9.2% stake on Twitter, becomes single largest shareholder 2022/04/04 Teslarati
  52. Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Twitter, Tesla, Starbucks and more VIDEO1:0601:06Wall Street set for a slightly higher openMorning ReportTake a… 2022/04/04 CNBC
  53. Tesla bucked the industry with its Q1 results — now TSLA is seeing momentum 2022/04/04 Teslarati
  54. Tesla Bull Cathie Wood offloads $205M TSLA shares 2022/03/31 Teslarati
  55. Tesla: Stock Split, March Deliveries, And Shanghai Lockdowns 2022/03/30 SeekingAlpha
  56. Will the promise of a stock split at Tesla turn investors 'bullish' on Wall Street? Tesla recently released an official notice about an upcoming stock split… 2022/03/30 Evannex
  57. Tesla manufacturing prowess, stock split plans indicate ‘massive position of strength:’ Wedbush 2022/03/29 Teslarati
  58. : Tesla stock surges after plans to enable stock split were disclosed Shares of Tesla shot up Monday after the electric vehicle… 2022/03/29 MarketWatch
  59. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Tesla, Coinbase, AMC Entertainment, Beyond Meat and more In this articleCOINTSLAAMCPOLYA Tesla Supercharger station in Vallejo, California, U.S.,… 2022/03/28 CNBC
  60. Market Snapshot: Dow trades more than 160 points lower after two weeks of gains; Tesla plans stock split U.S. stocks traded mixed on Monday, with the Nasdaq Composite… 2022/03/28 MarketWatch
  61. Tesla Stock Forecast: Why It Rose In March And Where It's Headed 2022/03/28 SeekingAlpha
  62. Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Tesla, Beyond Meat, Coinbase and more In this articleAMCXVIDEO0:5300:53News Update – Pre-MarketsNews BriefingTake a look at… 2022/03/28 CNBC
  63. Tesla shareholders to vote on TSLA stock split in annual shareholders meeting 2022/03/28 Teslarati
  64. Why Tesla Stock Went Parabolic on Monday Elon Musk drops a heavy hint about a stock split. 2022/03/28 Fool.com
  65. The Ratings Game: Tesla stock is ‘way oversold’ despite the recent long winning streak, analyst says Tesla Inc.’s stock produced the longest winning streak in more… 2022/03/26 MarketWatch
  66. Why Tesla Stock Was Crushing the Market This Week There were several positive developments for the high-profile electric vehicle… 2022/03/25 Fool.com
  67. Why Tesla Stock Zoomed Higher Again Two news items are helping to push Tesla stock higher… 2022/03/24 Fool.com
  68. As Tesla stock rises, House Speaker Pelosi exercises options to buy $2M TSLA shares 2022/03/23 Teslarati
  69. Why Tesla Stock Went Up Again Tesla is in Germany now. 2022/03/23 Fool.com
  70. Tesla (TSLA) stock is a “Buy” as Elon Musk prepares his Master Plan Part 3: Jefferies 2022/03/22 Teslarati
  71. Will higher oil prices spark a Tesla stock surge? As Ukraine weathers a continued Russian invasion, sanctions are causing… 2022/03/22 Evannex
  72. Why Tesla Stock Kept Going Up Today With a cryptic tweet, Elon Musk kept the momentum going… 2022/03/22 Fool.com
  73. Tesla (TSLA) expected to post $16.44B sales for the current fiscal quarter 2022/03/21 Teslarati
  74. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: GameStop, Tesla, FedEx and more In this articleXGMEFDXTSLAMRNARENTWINGMDBGRMNJOANShoppers wait for a GameStop store to open… 2022/03/18 CNBC
  75. Tesla stock records its best week on Wall Street since December 2022/03/18 Teslarati
  76. Why Tesla Stock Keeps Driving Higher Tesla pulled a bond offering -- is that good news? 2022/03/17 Fool.com
  77. Why Did Tesla Stock Pop Today? That's an excellent question. Next question, please. 2022/03/16 Fool.com
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  79. Why Tesla Stock Jumped Today Tesla has a way to deal with increasing logistics and… 2022/03/15 Fool.com
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  81. Tesla Stock: It Can Fend Off Rising Input Costs 2022/03/11 SeekingAlpha
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  84. Why Tesla Stock Tanked Today Piper Sandler has pointed out a potential problem for the… 2022/03/10 Fool.com
  85. Tesla sells 56,515 vehicles in China in February, a 208.5% year-over-year increase 2022/03/08 Teslarati
  86. Can Tesla Stock Rebound To $1,000 Levels Again? It Looks More Difficult All The Time 2022/03/07 SeekingAlpha
  87. Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Tesla, Sweetgreen, Gap and more In this articleCOSTMRVLSGGPSAVGOTSLAVIDEO1:3501:35News Update – Pre-MarketsNews BriefingTake a look at… 2022/03/04 CNBC
  88. Why Tesla Stock Fell on Thursday The growth stock's recent recovery attempt is running into some… 2022/03/03 Fool.com
  89. Why Tesla Stock Sank Today You can probably blame President Joe Biden for this one. 2022/03/02 Fool.com
  90. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Raytheon, Block, Tesla, Foot Locker and more In this articleBP.-GBNOCFLREGIFHNThe Raytheon stand is seen at the 53rd… 2022/02/28 CNBC
  91. Elon Musk donates around $5 billion worth of Tesla stock to charity A recent Tesla filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission… 2022/02/28 Evannex
  92. The Ratings Game: Tesla stock extends $100+ bounce after Daiwa analyst says buy, for these reasons Shares of Tesla Inc. gained Friday, to extend the previous… 2022/02/26 MarketWatch
  93. Tesla’s production expansion, surging oil prices bring stock upgrade from Daiwa Securities 2022/02/25 Teslarati
  94. Tesla’s Elon and Kimbal Musk main subjects of SEC probe for insider trading 2022/02/24 Teslarati
  95. The Wall Street Journal: SEC probes Elon Musk and brother for insider trading over recent Tesla stock sales WASHINGTON— The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether recent… 2022/02/24 MarketWatch
  96. Electric Vehicle sales peaked in Q4 2021, Tesla dominates market share with 72%: KBB 2022/02/23 Teslarati
  97. : ‘You should publicly announce where the money is going to’: Elon Musk gave $5.7 billion in Tesla stock to charity, but the beneficiaries may forever remain a secret Elon Musk will happily broadcast a few choice words about… 2022/02/21 MarketWatch
  98. Why Tesla Stock Tanked Again Today Barron's is sounding the alarm on Tesla's profit margins. 2022/02/18 Fool.com
  99. TSLA analyst thinks postponing $25k car is a potential risk to Tesla’s yearly sales growth 2022/02/17 Teslarati
  100. Why Tesla Stock Dropped on Wednesday This banker simply doesn't believe Tesla can keep growing at… 2022/02/16 Fool.com