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  1. Tesla will get benefits if it produces cars in India, says transport minister 2022/05/03 Teslarati
  2. Tesla 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting set for August 4  2022/05/03 Teslarati
  3. Tesla bill for direct sales in CT postponed again  2022/05/03 Teslarati
  4. SpaceX still on track to launch one Falcon rocket per week in 2022 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  5. Elon Musk is reportedly looking to tie up less of his wealth in Twitter deal 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  6. Biden Administration announces $3bn plan for U.S.-based EV battery manufacturing 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  7. : Tesla asks for more time to file proxy, foiling hopes of fresh look into Musk’s holdings Tesla Inc. has asked for more time to file its… 2022/05/02 MarketWatch
  8. Tesla prepares for ‘monstrous’ Q2 with Fremont factory running 10-20% above capacity: analyst 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  9. Insider Weekends: Musk Sells $8.52 Billion Of Tesla To Fund Twitter Purchase 2022/05/02 SeekingAlpha
  10. Ford F-150 Lightning is more powerful than expected at 580 hp 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  11. Tesla filing hints at potential 2022 annual shareholder meeting, stock split vote delay 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  12. : Could China influence Twitter if Musk succeeds in buying the social-media platform? It would not be easy. Here’s why. Tesla founder Elon Musk’s $44 billion bid to buy Twitter… 2022/05/02 MarketWatch
  13. : Twitter shares are still below Musk’s offer price for the company. Should you buy it cheaper now and make a tidy profit? Proceed with caution, experts say. Now that Elon Musk has a deal to buy Twitter… 2022/05/02 MarketWatch
  14. Tesla recalls *one* 2022 Model X, replaces vehicle over missing hardware 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  15. Tesla’s Elon Musk alleged to have “shadow crew” who egged on Twitter acquisition 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  16. NASA’s Webb Telescope mirror crushes “most optimistic predictions” after final alignment 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  17. Tesla Giga Shanghai has resumed over 80% production 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  18. How Elon Musk's leadership at Tesla has sparked massive growth There are many unconventional elements of Elon Musk’s company management… 2022/05/02 Evannex
  19. Elon Musk NFT created to commemorate his aide to Ukraine during war 2022/05/02 Teslarati
  20. Why Tesla Stock Dropped, Then Popped on Monday Tesla stock is shocked by bad headlines -- and survives… 2022/05/02 Fool.com
  21. : With Elon Musk’s Twitter bid, there’s more at stake than freedom of speech: ‘It gives him a lot more influence over governments’ While some critics worry that Twitter private could have ramifications… 2022/05/01 MarketWatch
  22. Tesla Model S Plaid gives the P100D killer a headstart in drag race, dominates anyway 2022/05/01 Teslarati
  23. Tesla’s unconventional sales model could mark the end of traditional car dealerships As the world gradually shifts to electric vehicles, the auto… 2022/05/01 Evannex
  24. Outside the Box: Death to the car dealership — the Tesla sales model is poised to take over America Few would mourn the death of the traditional car-buying experience.… 2022/05/01 MarketWatch
  25. The Margin: What does ‘free speech’ actually mean? Twitter isn’t censoring speech, despite what Elon Musk and many users think It’s tough to talk about freedom of speech.  While the… 2022/04/30 MarketWatch
  26. The New York Post: Political cartoon shared by Elon Musk is being sold as an NFT The creator of the political cartoon Elon Musk used to illustrate his… 2022/04/30 MarketWatch
  27. Project Syndicate: Musk can allow more objectionable content on Twitter, but he can’t escape accountability completely LONDON (Project Syndicate)—With Elon Musk set to buy Twitter  TWTR, -0.18%… 2022/04/30 MarketWatch
  28. Ultra Runner, inspired by Tesla, successfully outlasts Model 3 in 242-mile endurance race 2022/04/30 Teslarati
  29. Electric car sales soar despite ballooning battery costs These days, everyone we know seems to be asking us… 2022/04/30 Evannex
  30. SpaceX smashes Falcon 9 booster turnaround record 2022/04/29 Teslarati